Why does @ Asker not refer back to the true asker?

I had to put a space in there because if I don't, it ties back to a female's account. It seems logical that @ Asker should tie back to the question asker (since they are referred to as such by the site in the comment replies), even if the question is asked anonymously. Is this something technically feasible?


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  • Because you can't really tag asker or opinion givers.

    You can only tag usernames.


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  • You should NEVER mention OP (original poster) like: Asker of the question, Take owner and even Opinion owner. It bugs them giving them two notifications for one post. Whenever you post a comment or opine on someone's question/myTake, he/she will automatically be notified so, there's no need to mention them specially.

    For example :- If someone reply here on this opinion like: "thanks @YourFutureEx ". It will give me two notifications, one "1 reply (ies) on your opinion" and second "Mentioned in 1 opinion reply (ies)". But when I navigate to the post, It would be just one comment. Wastage of your time and wastage of my zeal.

    Furthermore, @asker & @opinion owner, are two GAGers just like YOU! Don't mention them. Check it out by clicking on them. They're not active anymore by the way.

    The right way, If you want to reply multiple users in which one of them is OP then do it like this :- Let's say GirlsAskGuys and OP replied to your opinion, so you should reply them like this. >> @GirlsAskGuys - Thank you, I hope you'd fix it. Asker - Nice question. << See, I didn't mention the Asker but still he/she will get notified because he/she is OP and I'll have to mention GirlsAskGuys because it's not his question nor his opinion.

    Plus, if you are referring to a quote, don't use "at sign '@'" use Quotation Marks "" instead. And @ mentions are not case sensitive.

    That was all you needed to know about @mentioning system of this website.
    Good Luck :)

  • I don't think there even is a female user with the name 'Asker'. It's just a dummy account. I always use '@Asker', because I don;t see any other way to address the asker, especially when he/she is anonymous.

    • And that's my issue with it. It shouldn't be an account per se, but a reserved word which refers back to (and notifies) the asker as a mention, even when the asker is anonymous.

  • I suppose logically you don't need to tag asker as they are notified when comment is made so it would suffice to say "When asker said".

  • Because @Asker is an actual unused account lol