What time is perfect to pack my shit up and leave?

As you can see the topic is break up and divorce, and sorry to say guys, I am breaking up with G@G.

My time on G@G has been too good. I learnt many important things here, met my life philosopher through here, the legendary late George Carlin. At the start I was anonymous , I opened up more about myself just in last 1 month or so, because thats when I decided I wanna leave. I met some interesting people here and I wouldn't say I loved them all or hated them all, but they were just like me, taking one step at a time. I like to mention a few people but I don't wanna be like @paris13 to mention half a dozen billion people on every post. So I would strictly limit my mentions to 5. The rest I didn't mention, know that I always admired you.

The reason why I leave :-
Now, I won't be deactivating my profile unlike some other faggots I could name. Because I MIGHT COME BACK, But I'll try my best not to.
>__> .. <__<
Because I don't know if I really want this or not, maybe this is a mistake, maybe this is the best decision of my life. I won't call myself a gag whore but I do spend 2-3 hours on gag even if it is in bursts of 10 minutes. Addiction isn't the problem, I am just not content, I want more, I ALWAYS want more, and gag isn't giving me more. The same bunch of morons, same bunch of questions, repetitive shit, and I feel I am moving in circles.

Wrap this shit up already?
Sure , I won't write descriptions about my relationship with anyone here, if I want to say something to them, I'll do them privately.
@cinderelli @thisdudehere @consultantisback @archiz , I wanted to mention tony but he's not here, if he is lurking through anon I miss your cock, Bruh.
@justbanANNAz - I kept saying #hateyotakes but I was just playing Tsun-dere , I don't really hate your takes, I like them. You are one of the best editors on gag, keep up the good work. Also, Just answer the damn question so this doesn't get removed. What time is best to leave, 2am or 3am?
Over n out


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  • Thank you so much for the Mention to Let me Know... You are thinking of letting GAG GO.
    I have been on this special site now for over 2 years and hopefully still counting, @takumii and although I am always Finding that things are Not always Best from the Rest, I stick it out here, dear, because not Only for Recognition and Being a Guru, It is far more than this, I have made many friends, Helped many more along the way and this in itself is My accomplishment.
    I do have a lot of time on the Rewarding job that I have, where I am also Helping others Elsewhere every Day I go Assist them in Their Homes... Home Health Aid Nurse. I have Easy access to Internet, and this is what God had in Mind for me when He Put me on GAG and told me to Continue my own Mission to Help those in Need. I have Never Once Regretted this.
    It's your Call of Course, you Sound Unhappy with Things as they are. However, from where I sit, and with a Great New Pix, I see a Great Guy who has Grown, Has Gained a Name for Himself and some Prestige for Yourself, and if you stay even Longer, your Own List will not Only Grow but Your Good Name for Just Being here on GAG Because... Others just Enjoy having you around GAG Town.
    And Level 10, which comes After your Level Is 9 Is... Guru. Why throw in the Towel Now, you have come this Far?
    No one is ever Completely Happy with Everything, not even in a Job. And if you want, Consider this a 'Job' that you Go to every Day and put up with It... Roll with the punches and look the other Way.
    If I cannot Talk you out of Leaving, Just know that YOU as well Will be on My 'Long list' of Friends in which I am... Grieving.
    Good luck and Kisses your way. xxoo


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  • Wow, I'm actually pretty surprised you are leaving :O

    Anyway, enjoy where life takes you. At first, I was slightly taken back by answers and questions you gave. (I still remember that time I tried giving a smartass answer to a smartass question, and you gave me a smartass reply back www.girlsaskguys.com/.../q1716894-on-a-scale-of-1-5i-to-4-2i-rate-this-guy xD). After time though, I actually started to appreciate your sense of humor and your answers. While sometimes incredibly harsh and downright raw, there were often times where it was really witty and bluntly truthful.

    You managed to change my negative first impressions of you into actually positive one.

    Take care dude.

  • Good luck brother! We'd love to have you around still if you wish

  • Don't know you that well but I hope you come back.

  • Any message to your enemies?

  • BROOO why? I loved you man. Alpha as fck. U had better facial aesthetics than me... so much potential.