Does gag make anyone else feel claustrophobic now?

With all these closed questions and unnecessary notifications, gag is like an endless hallway of doors that lead to nothing. I click on something and I can't do anything there. It's making me feel trapped and uncomfortable and it needs to change NOW. Not next week or whenever these people get around to it, but like right now. I hate this.


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  • I don't seem to get any notifications xD Well, it seems when I'm logged out I get them, but when I'm logged in, I don't, cause this morning I had 17 new notifications, but since then I've had 0, and when I checked, I did have new activity.

    This is messed up.

    • Me too!! This is the worst.

    • Except I only had like 4 notifications because I'm not as popular eh

    • Most of my notifications were MHO's I got, and I had to select xD
      I didn't get a notification for your replies... this is so f*cked up. I don't really mind the new update, except for the private opinions, but I'm really pissed off with the lack of notifications.

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  • Yea biggest screw up to date.


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  • Yeah, they need to re-evaluate. I'm glad that after all our negative feedback at least the font was changed back to the former one :D
    So sometimes updates get undone and given the many users who reacted negetively I hope that without saying the whole thing needs to be reversed, it will be re-evaluated.

  • i just don't get it, it was so simple before, you posted, a reply created 1 notification.. now jesus.. i ask a question i don't get any or a load if i do not untick boxes.. frankly it's a mess

  • Live Feed will soon be cleared from closed questions. We are working on that fix.
    Thanks for the feedback.

    • Can you also stop closing my questions? Just because people get to the party late doesn't mean I don't want to see what they have to say.

  • No way... but I wish if it was still like it was just 2 days ago..

  • Pretty sure these crappy changes were directed by women.


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