Which would you rather have gag do?

Having questions closed by picking MHO or not being able to pick MHO for 5 days after asking the question?

  • Closed question by MHO
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  • Not able to pick MHO for 5 days
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@GirlsAskGuys Figured you would want to see how this poll works out.
Reason for A or B choice. Is due to if gag is just dead set in having a set time on giving MHO


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  • I would say neither of the options listed. It also makes it difficult to vote in polls like this because it is an A or B optioned poll. A "C" like a neither would help. Many people will pick the best of two options, but that doesn't necessarily guarantee accurate results of what people think. That's just an aside...


    Personally, I would make the system something like...
    -- Questions close (aka get archived) a month after being asked regardless of what takes place. A month would also coincide with automatic MHO's so I believe that makes sense. It also keeps thing relevant (refer to No Opinion section) like the original intention of closing questions was. The vast majority of questions die out by a month and things start to change / lose relevance anyway.

    -- If an MHO is picked, I would say perhaps close the question after a certain amount of time... Maybe 48 hours... Maybe 5 days for an upper possible limit. That way the people who want to get in the word of advice to people who already selected MHO still have a chance. However, MHO'd questions generally happen when people have an answer to their question, so they should be closed faster than a month.

    -- Get rid of private opinions. They are pointless with the PM system and we also have an anon system in place if people feel embarassed to share their answer. All private opinions do is annoy people for the most part.

    -- Reinstal downvote (as they are doing). Reinstall question follows (as they are supposedly doing).

    All this talk makes me feel like a politician describing his plans for the future LOL

    • It's extremely obvious that majority of people never vote in a A or B way. They never want to say something is really this or really that. So they end up never wanting to leave an actual opinion. So leaving a yes or no poll forces others to actually give more details about why they wouldn't pick either. Though people on gag do come off as cunts and repeat the same thing sometimes about,"*in a whinny tone* Why isn't there an options C? or D? or E?"I seriously hate those people and they are extremely annoying cunts repeating that.

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    • Ahhh I see. Anyways, that was just an aside. My main points and beliefs are below that xD

    • Reason why I even stated the wait 5 days to give mho. Is mainly if gag is just dead set on having a set time for when you give mho and close the question.

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  • I'd rather have them stop making useless updates in general. But yeah, I pick B.


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  • probably B.

    i really hate seeing that "closed question" fucking bullshit fuck.

  • I would rather them fix the bugs and stop with the damm server "maintenance" is it really "maintenance" or is the server going down? Usually if a server goes down for maintenance it would be planned.

    Seriously I wrote a long comment on one of your questions, it registered as posted. But I looked later today. Its now gone because as I posted the comment it was "maintenance" almost straight after that and it killed my comment

    Seriously GAG just send an automated message if you want to work on the server. And if it is going down then be honest and don't call it "maintenance"

    @GirlsAskGuys I'm not hating here. Its just that me and you. . . well the website have a complicated relationship. I hope we can work things out. Its not me its you, its really you


    • Seems like they did a surprise maintenance today. Since gag was out at least for me for a bit today.

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    • wtf @ that video lol

    • @Toad-1 its just yandre-chan doing what she does best, don't you like her? You should go play the game

      P. S. You have to get panty shots, well you don't have to. . . but you can

  • Neither. Sometimes an opinion can solve the Users problem and they shouldn't be forced to wait. Some people don't visit the site often enough, and forcing them to wait will simply mean no MHO is chosen until the system auto-chooses one.

    If someone asks what the length of the Amazon River is, and somebody tells them the exact length, and gives a link to the reference and more info, the person shouldn't need to wait multiple days to basically say "that was what I needed, thank you".

    A question should not be closed once MHO is chosen, as useful feedback can still be added. Especially some questions that are asking for opinions. Like with the length of the Amazon question, someone may still add something interesting about the river, or add something that lists rivers of comparable length for context, or something. Useful information for the asker, but not something that will make MHO moot.

    Closing a question after a number of days without additional input, however, is a good idea. Like, once MHO is chosen, then the 2-days without input timer starts (though I think it should be 5 days, not 2, so you can catch people that don't log on over a weekend or something). That would prevent necro-posting, but allow an interesting topic to remain interesting. The point of the site is discussion and assistance, so the current rules that hamstring that are really counter-productive. I think they are implemented to try and force people into asking new questions more frequently to make it look like there is more content being generated, but it will not have that exact effect, I don't think.

    • There are people who pick MHO within 1-2hours of asking the question. Which is extremely stupid since others want to reply to the question as well. So most become extremely frustrated seeing that they are to late with getting MHO. Even before the new updates. It was extremely annoying and most hate those people.

    • I know, that can be an annoyance. But if someone is only logging to ask a question, sticking around for a few hours to get whatever info they can, and then not going to be back for a week, I can see why they simply want to give someone the MHO and be done.

      The point shouldn't be to chase the MHO, it should be to offer helpful advice. When they opened it up so that replying to a question that had already chosen an MHO no longer detracts from your MHO score, that should have been good enough. Now, if you want to continue to help, you can, without being punished for it. If your goal is to help them, you can, without it hurting your MHO score. If you are only going after MHO, then you can just ignore questions that already have it awarded.

      Given the usage patterns on the site, I think enforcing a time limit before awarding it will simply result in way more auto-selects. Which is worse.

    • That's still stupid since gag doesn't automatically give people MHO until it's been like about a month or so. Which in that case there is no rush for them to pick an MHO until the next time they log on.

      Majority of people ignore people who have already given MHO. Since most think it's pointless since nobody else will really comment on what you said. It's kind of like being the one person late to the party. Basically your stuck with the leftovers and seeing how much fun everyone else had.

  • I posted a question with a poll about the recent changes and messaged the link to Admin. Over 90% of the respondents were displeased with the last round of changes.

  • I think B. I am sick of seeing the "closed question" shit all the time. So annoying and frustrating. Also I got the "surprise maintenance" today to.

    • However, I am not complaining because the slow GAG seems to be fixed.

  • Not able to pick MHO for 5 days, at least our questions would still be open for more opinions, especially for users who took a break and have a really good opinion but can't post it due to the question being closed.

  • I still think they should do my idea. Mods have a quota to tell 10 jokes a month instead of a quota of reports/deletions. That'll help improve the culture lol

  • I always thought it was weird when a question had MHO selected like 1 hour after it was asked, so I went with that. I think closing is silly anyways.

  • I'm in favour of the B option... first giving people some time to answer before you can pick the MHO.
    I usually wait until I get the message that it's been 7 days before I pick the MHO :D

  • how about... not closing them at all and giving the user control over it (maybe bonus xp for closing questions after selecting MHO as incentive)

  • I don't pick MHO anyways

  • Neither!!

  • Why close a question after MHO when there may be some better answers/opinions yet to come?


    • Most people don't care about having more opinions after they give MHO. Since in their mind the question is dead once they decide to do that.

  • I pick old way, that is all.


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