I tried posting a question earlier & it wouldn't go through. Got a message saying you posted a comment on this already. Whats up with that?

It's all in the question Whats up GAG? Well besides GAG running slower then mud flowing up hill.


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  • They were messing with things again. One thing I've already noticed with these newest tweaks is prior to today, you had to have at least 4 opinions to choose MHO or you had to wait at least 24 hours. Now, it appears you have to wait 24 hours regardless. It seems to be a move in the right direction, but if choosing MHO closes out a question to further responses, it still falls far short of fostering a community experience.


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  • I was just about to post a question asking if I'm the only one for whom GaG is running impossibly slow for when I saw yours. This sounds very familiar to me as of this morning. Not in terms of asking questions but simply submitting an opinion from my laptop takes 5+ minutes for the page to load, or be in the process of. Eventually I just refresh the page altogether and the opinion is posted, despite the page having never fully loaded from what I could see.

    Might be the same thing that happened with the question you posted. Like it went through, but it got lost in translation in terms of actually confirming/loading that from your end.

    • I checked my questions it didn't go through

    • As for running slow it was like that when I came on 4 hrs ago 7 many were saying it has been going on all day.

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