When the heck will they change GAG?

It's been like a week and everything is the same, I WANT TO POST AN OPINION ON EVERY QUESTION I WANT!

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  • I think this update was really stupid, closing "No Opinions" questions makes zero sense

    I don't make this opinion private because I want the whole world to see what I think is true so yeah


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  • They probably will wait a month or so to do anything. Since they probably will first think that people bitching about the update. Is just to the fact that it's something new. Which majority of humans do not like change or anything new. So they are probably handling all of this like that.

    So they are kind of making us deal with it and see if we end up changing our mind about the update after a certain amount of time.

    Though they should get rid of the 48 hour closing thing. That is stupid since some people just take longer to notice some questions. So then the closing questions with MHO will cause others to stop closing them so damn soon. Since people will start bitching those people out. Which I hope they do. I really hate how some people put MHO way to fast. As in less than 24 hours.


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  • It takes time, it's not that easy. They need to do all sort of programming stuff. Since the update they were trying to fix the issues with the notifications (which I think it was the number one problem to be fixed).
    GAG doesn't wanna go back to exactly what it was, they wanna make improvements. They thought the new update was gonna be an improvement, but they were wrong. Now they gotta add new features, instead of going back.
    You can't just change the sites features like you change your underwear.

  • Same here... #GetGAGBack

  • I want my five fucking questions a day!

  • Hopefully soon. if not it may be like some Facebook shit and we have to get used to it.


What Girls Said 3

  • I'm not a fan of the update, but it's not that simple. They need to develop the new programs and such and then update the site again. They're not going to go backwards either. Tweaks will be made if anything. I doubt they'll get rid of everything.

  • Well they don't often change their updates. Once it's changed they go like 'fuck you. Two people like this update so I don't care' and just let everyone get used to it.

    • actually... they removed almost everything from the big update before (the one that removed the downvotes). and the shitstorm on this one was even bigger so I hope they change it again

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    • @Yumix funny response tho XD

      honey, sorry to hear you don't feel happy with gag now, me neither, but hey, try to smile a bit :) I make my best to stay positive even tho gag sucks cock now.
      You're in such a terrible mood tonight :(

      yeah, sorry for the thousand notifications lol

    • @Yumix so what? Am I supposed to carE?

  • They took down my question and are reviewing it because they "dont think its Appropriate". To the moderator who took it down, bite me