How quickly will this question get closed?

Everyone hates the closed questions feature, so let's make a question that never gets closed. And please make your answers interesting or funny and not a load of garbage nonsense. Provide value for the user. Talk about something interesting.


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  • i'm sick and took an antihistamine to make me feel better so now i'm drowsy af and my wifi has been flickering on and off rendering my online school useless


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  • I was using the men's bathroom at McDonald's yesterday. Suddenly a female custodian or bathroom cleaner walks in. She starts saying what I think was "Come on, hurry up. Hey you, hurry up". She had a strong accent making it hard to understand. Anyway, her standing like almost behind me made me feel very uncomfortable. I decided to just leave and go somewhere else. When I turned around to leave she says " Couldn't do it? Don't worry, it'll come out eventually ".
    I just thought the whole thing was creepy. Weird woman.