If GaG wanna be pretty by introducing and only allowing 'Likes' (like FB), why can't they let us 'Like' our own opinions like FB?

@xhoneyxbeex @redrain 😂😂😂

  • This should be thing ;D 😂
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  • I don't really like highfive-ing myself...
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  • I never get how people can like their own posts/photos on Facebook. Think about it... you post it so you obviously like it, right? I think people who do that look silly and desperate.

    As for likes on GAG, it's not a big deal to me. Who cares if someone likes your opinion or not? It's not like you can see who they are anyway. Lol.


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  • Lol well this is certainly interesting. Do you ever "like" your own posts on Facebook? Personally, I find it very strange when people do that. They created the post in the first place, so of course they "like" it. :P haha!

  • I think it's silly to do that, haha. Typically, you'll like what you've posted or you wouldn't have shared it otherwise. The exception would be something like posting about someone's passing.


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