Where are these MHOs coming from?

I've recently been getting told I got MHO for questions. Most the questions are almost a month old. So, I figure, the asker COULD have gone back and picked, finally.
Until I saw that at least one question was from someone who has an innactive account, and it has been so for a while.

Are MHOs for old questions being picked randomly?
Are mods going through, reading replies, and picking what they think is the best answer?
With questions so far dead, especially because they are closed so no one will likely look them up to read them and maybe answer them themselves, does MHO even matter? I mean, no one will read it...

Any thought?


Most Helpful Girl

  • It just randomly gets selected if the asker doesn't choose any.

    You could always think of it this way: you get more points for the opinion being selected, so it's not entirely a waste.

    • points are good.
      being randomly picked as the best means you aren't "most helpful" though. it means you were selected randomly and there is no reason to think your answer was any more, or less, helpful than anyone else's.

Most Helpful Guy

  • These are auto MHOs. I don't think they used to notify them, but with the recent update change, you now get notified of them.

    Auto MHOs are picked automatically by the GAG system (and as far as I know, don't give you extra points). I believe it affects your MHO % however.

    They are picked after 30 days where no one has selected MHO, hence why a user can be deactivated and it still picks.


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  • It's the G@G automated system choosing those MHOs for closed questions. The asker hadmy chosen one, so now it's being chosen for them.


What Guys Said 2

  • I have no idea!

  • The asker gets notices that they haven't picked MHOs. If they ignore them and fail to pick one in 30 days, the system picks on for them.