Private opinions problems?

I've seen recently that this new feature had been added to GAG. So I expected that, when a user posts a private comment, only he and the asker could see it. However, I've seen on someone's user page that the asker's replies to a comment were visible. I mean, it isn't visible from the page of the question, but through the user's history. Is this normal? Isn't it supposed to be fully hidden to others?


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  • This is a bug and we are aware of it. Our development team is working on fixing that :)


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  • I am not sure. It could be that there is some issue in the feature itself and I am sure it will be fixed soon


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  • Nah, you're not the only one to notice this issue. I've seen other users' private opinions listed on your page just like you and many others. That is a problem since the comments aren't really private. It's kind of funny to me, though, because you can see if the person was being a perv on all those "How Do I Look?" questions. That shows me that private opinions can promote creepiness... not good.

  • Because you need to click private and anon to hide it I'm assuming. I don't use this new GAG feature anyway. Think it's kinda silly. That's what pm is for

    • Well that isn't the problem. The one who comments has no problem, his opinion and replies will be hidden from others. But if the asker responds to the opinion, his response appears on his or her actuality time-line. Like everyone can see a response to a private comment... I think that wasn't the purpose lol
      Just wondering if other people actually saw this or was I the only one...

    • Nah
      I could see it too
      All well
      As I said don't intend to use that feat anyhow

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