I hate that I had a question and I selected Most Helpful Opinion for a woman and then the question closed?

I don't get it the question was up their for a day and their were a ton of people answering it is their any way I can reopen the question because I feel like it's partly my fault ):


Most Helpful Girl

  • Unfortunately, there is no way you can re-open the question. More information about closed questions can be found in our FAQ here. http://www.girlsaskguys.com/faq#201

    Selecting at least one MHO -or- after 48 hours of inactivity closes a question. However, we are working on a few ideas to improve this feature and make it easier for everyone to use and understand. :)


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  • It's a part of the update to close questions after MHO is chosen. However, I believe they said we now have the option to not close them when choosing.


What Guys Said 1

  • it should have given you the option to close the question or leave it open before deciding MHO

    • Yeah I think it did but I didn't press it but I guess it decided to do it I prefer the old way ):

    • if you want to try and open it I suggest you consult with an admin.

    • Okay bud how do I do that?