Why I am blocked by someone?

I have recently noticed that i am blocked by a Gager, We were having very witty and interesting conversation and after a gap of 2,3 days when i came back on GAG i found that i have been blocked by that user, i am so surprised that nothing happen which could lead to that, that person is very decent and asks very intellectual question on GAG, is there any way that i could ask that person that what happened? as i can't even message.


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  • These things happen unfortunately. You can't ask him or her anything about the issue now since you have been blocked. Perhaps you said something that rubbed that person the wrong way or they had a weird change of heart over your discussions. I'm not saying that is right or wrong, but it happens. Just move on from it.


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  • ●People get butthurt over nothing
    ●It could be possible that you replied to his/her anonymous post which irked him/her
    ●Perhaps, someone was backbiting about you
    ●It's possible that she wanted to follow you but clicked on wrong button. It happened to me. A girl blocked me indeliberately.
    ●Maybe he/she didn't like one of your other posts. I think it questioned his/her lifestyle and criticised him/her and gave a reality check.
    ●If they post good things, doesn't mean they're good people. I realised this thing this month.
    ●Life is more than that. Don't waste your time over such things and give them attention. Be happy that someone ignorant and inferior cut off you from his/her life and you don't have to deal with their shit.


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  • Don't worry about it. Things like this happen on GAG. It's more of a problem for them, as they may ask a question for which only you have a good answer. They will simply miss out.

  • People get butthurt on the internet for no reason at all sometimes. They even do it when they're losing an argument and want to have the last word.

  • Just move on, dude. If that person blocked you then then you don't need to know.

    If someone blocked me then I wouldn't even care (or notice). I have way too much pride to worry about trivial shit.

    • yeah even i wouldn't care but that person is quite sensible and decent, n being blocked by such person is worth rethinking and i was almost shocked why did it happened

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    • Don't worry about it too much, bro.

    • no i am not worried, just surprised.. anyways thanks dude :)

  • Chances are he/she's blocked ya by mistake... it's up to him/her to realize about it...