G@G is making me gag?

This site constantly makes changes and updates, and I'm starting to believe the owners of this site have OCD when it comes to the editing the format.

All these changes that they keep making are not always for the better. For every feature this site improves, it takes away something else that makes the site great. And it changes very frequently.

When i first joined, we used to be able to bookmark certain questions and threads for something to always go back to for reference. They took that feature away. There used to be a downvote button to show when someone is giving horrendous advice. They took that away. Navigation to the subforums used to be quick and easy. Now the main focus is the home page with the featured questions and answers. And what's the point of closing a question after a couple days?

Granted, there have been some improvements since I joined in 2011. I like the myTake articles and the ability to block the annonymous trolls.


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  • They are trying to act like face book.
    Face book used to be easy access and have good navigation but those changes have taken users even longer to find certain functions.

    They don't think in user perspective when implementing new things to the site. The whole point of being in gag was that its easy to find our way around and the layout isn't complicated to look at.


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  • All I can say is that it could have been worse...


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  • Some changes are good and some aren't. It's like that on most sites you go to. I'm pretty easygoing, though, so most updates just take a while to get used to and I'm fine. The only things I would like to see fixed are the closing of questions (extend the time frame before they close) and the private opinions (just not a fan).

  • I miss the old GaG. Everything is so annoying now. I hate that I can't bookmark things anymore.


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