When did we have to start waiting for 24 hours before choosing who had the most helpful opinion?

Just tried to select one and was told to wait. I mean, no opinion is gonna get any better than that. from an Admin/GaG point of view, i can see why, but still. sometimes, there are just some opinions that just clarify the question. Ugh... GaG... y'all changing hard lol.


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  • That change occurred with the last update a couple weeks ago or so. I think that's better than choosing MHO a minute after asking the question.


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  • Nah it's better... some people tended to pick MHO after 5 minutes... ultra-annoyin'...

    • yea i know... dont even give others the chance and then later someone has an amazing opinion and they are like "i wish i could give you MHO)

    • Thanks...

    • s'all good.


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The only opinion from girls was selected the Most Helpful Opinion!

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  • I always wanted that to be the case, to be honest. I hated when people pick an MHO in like, 20 minutes.

  • I think that change happened about 2 or 3 weeks ago. I posted about it in the G@G Community. I'll see if I can find the exact date.

    • @EmpatheticLady said it was a couple weeks too... its good, just didn't select MHO and this guy had an amazing opinion... it wasn't gonna get any better. so i tried n was disappointed lol

    • I think it was a compromise for the forced closings of questions when MHOs were selected, which has since been changed, too. I've always been in favor of some sort of time limit before selecting MHO, but now with all the recent changes, very few people have been selecting MHOs. Now I see WAY more system selected MHOs. I have a hard time believing the admins really wanted this to be the outcome. by the way, the change was 4 weeks ago. Didn't think it was that long ago.


    • system selected MHO's after 30 days... i know... i woke up to like 10 MHO's one day. all of them were 30 days ago... lol.. i didn't complain, i was on point anyway.