Is there any way to find out which mods or whoever removed questions and comments?

Every time a certain mod doesn't like a question or comment I pose, she tries to troll and then mysteriously my question and most of my comments are removed. I want to be able to confirm its her, or another before reporting.

  • Yes, here is is
  • No, we don't believe in accountability for mods.
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  • Moderators do not remove posts. They can only temporarily hide posts until an admin gets the chance to review it. All final decisions (to remove or put back on the site) rests with the admins. Posts are not removed unless they violate the guidelines of our site which you can view here.

    You cannot see which moderators hid a post. Only administrators can see that information. However, if you believe that a particular moderator is abusing their mod status, you can always report them and we will investigate the issue and take action, if necessary.

    • Ok so why is it females on this site can be as antagonistic as they want, but only my comments get remved

    • If you see someone being antagonistic, you can report their post so admins can review it.

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  • no you can't. it's not about lack of accountability because trust me there is. but just imagine how some people would respond or act out if they new someone removed a question or opinion?

    you don't think there'd be a lot of potential for harassment? hell i get harassed by people who THINK i removed something even when i didn't

    • So if there was a way to prove you didn't, you'd get harassed about that a lot lot less then wouldn't you?

    • not really, at least in my experience. i've had people suggest i flagged something when i didn't. i just told them i didn't. if they decided to harass me i'd ignore or block them.


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  • Errr, mods can't remove posts, we can only hide them. If your posts are getting removed then it's your fault for breaking the rules.

    • Lol, funny how female posts who are way more antagonizing never get removed...

  • I am not sure. Having a little trouble? Need help?


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  • Well, no I don't think normal users can see who or which mod is doing what, mods cannot remove posts, only an admin can do all that.

  • I believe only an admin would know.