If stranded on an island, which GAGer would you choose to be stranded with?

Or you would you rather be stranded by yourself with a volleyball as a friend?
If stranded on an island, which GAGer would you choose to be stranded with?You guys are stuck there for a whole month... trying to survive
So which GAGer would you team up with?

For me: @IronPickle, sole reason bc he is awesome and I feel like we'll be able to tolerate each other for a whole month XD (Although I'll never let you find the map *inside joke*)

also, I would like to be stranded with @hariss (such a sweet guy, we could listen to the shore together XD )


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  • I would choose volleyball because I have no luck with girls, Even if I get stranded with a girl due to some circumstances, I would stay miles away from her as chances are 100% she doesn't likes me but I will still bring food for her timely and then stay away again till some help arrives, but I will enjoy the island myself I will get a coconut instead of volleyball to accompany me, I would love to fall a sleep under starry skies as like it's blanket for me and listening to the music of shore water that would be pleasant, but I will be beware of crabs.

    • OMG!! I would love to be stranded with you. You seem like someone I would definitely get along. And you never know, we both could see the starry night together ;)

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    • aww! no words :')

    • Thanks for MHO Mel :)

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  • BRING IT ONNNN it's gonna be like cast Away but more fun.

    1) HomeF**ing skillet biscuit gorgeous and quick witted @Afro-Dite9 I'll always be entertained.
    2) @Victorianne Cuz she friken da BOMB **mind explosions**
    3) @ConsultantIsBack Brah, need i explain
    4) @EmpatheticLady so she can keep us all sane
    5) @redeyemindtricks because she gives smart
    6) @iFarted he's funny
    7) @justbanANNAz Damn girl we all know it's a party when you get involved
    8) @TheBraveLion b/c DUH!! And #3 is gonna be there.. soooo
    9) Joc4Position he just has that chill thing going on
    10) @CHARismatic110 Man she can tell stories round the bondfire
    11) @BeerFarts He's got muscle him and Consultant can chop them woods. ya know. And he can be like the peacemaker
    12) @Stardust I wanna be trapped with ya anywhere
    13) @Apple24 You QUEEEEN and i still have to cook for you
    14) Maxmeister Goddam he is feisty i mean come on. Never a dull moment.

    Kay let's go guys ;)

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    • @archiz Oh. Haha thanks :)

    • I'm here for the pancakes


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