Glitch again... I see everyone has an admin tag now, and the guys has turned into pink and the girls has been turned to blue in text?


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  • The color change, while annoying, is fairly harmless. But making everyone appear to be an admin was a pretty damn bad idea. Sometimes people with site issues need to PM an admin and now they might PM anyone thinking they are an admin. Stupid ass idea, GAG.

    • Excuse me Admin im having issues, wondering if you can help? :")

    • @MarkyyG123 Sure. Please PM me with your full name, address, major credit card number, bank account number, login information for your 20 most used online accounts, mother's maiden name, and the number of hairs on your dog or cat's ass, and I'll forward your issue to the proper person who can help you in 4-6 weeks. Thank you for using 'Everyone is a Fake Admin For a Silly Ass Joke Day Website'! :-D

    • Hahahahahahaha wow, mate I am very much impressed with the thoroughnes of the service, would you like it emailed or faxed hahaha :")

      I couldn't agree more Bud, this is all much haha

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  • It's an April Fools prank.


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