Fill it: Best feature of GAG is_____ & worst feature of GAG is _______?


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  • I LIKE:

    โ€ข No editing.
    Srsly, this is my favorite thing about the whole site. It's like real-world conversation. When people say stupid shit, or outright lies... they can't take it back.

    โ€ข Ability to embed gifs and pictures in posts.


    Features I DON'T like:

    โ€ข You can't see a list of users who have blocked you.
    Come on now, WTF, GAG people?
    This is a SERIOUS oversight. I mean, we can even look at lists of who is following random other users... but we can't see a list of users who have blocked us? REALLY?
    This is especially dumb because we might compose a whole reply to something, only to discover that we can't submit it because "blocked".

    โ€ข Blocking can happen mid-thread.
    This also shouldn't be allowed. If a conversation is already happening, it shouldn't be possible to block the person just to be like "haha, I got the last word".
    Since it's possible that abuse could still happen, perhaps it could work like this: If you block someone, then, **in conversation threads that are already open**, only 1 post can be made (without a reply) at a time.
    That seems like a decent compromise to me -- it would prevent this "haha!, last word and then blocked" thing, but, at the same time, you could still block someone and thereby prevent them from making a continuous stream of abusive posts on the same thread.

    • I completely agree on this !

    • Oh, also, I would like to be able to use bold and/or italic text.

    • totally agree especially on the no editing and the mid thread block, i got blocked earlier for a conversation with no aggression whatsoever lmao like honestly! this shouldn't be a thing

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  • Best: polls and upvoting allowing you to see breakdown by gender, which is very interesting.

    Worse? The closing of questions. All other complaints are secondary to the forced closing of questions.

  • ... me... me.

  • Hmmm best feature of GAG... The topics, the 'embarrassing' questions that we can ask here
    Worst feature... No clue

  • Best feature: Most of things...

    Worst feature: Closing window of 2 days for questions. Make it at least a week or 5 days instead of 2 days.

  • Best feature - community experience :)
    Worst feature - can't change your username :(

  • Fill it: Best feature of GAG is me & worst feature of GAG is me

  • Best: The social aspect
    Worst: The social aspect and lack of downvote option