Are there any two GAGers that you wish could meet each other? Like maybe something would happen when they met?

Like they exploded into an epic argument? Or terrorized the internet? OR GOT MARRIED?

  • Yes
    62% (34)54% (15)59% (49)Vote
  • No
    25% (14)29% (8)27% (22)Vote
  • Maybe so
    13% (7)17% (5)14% (12)Vote
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  • @iFarted and JackKerouac77 (so he can let the "tears fly" hahaha)
    iFarted and RescueMyHeart
    @EmpatheticLady and @Humping_Tornadoes ( ( Ν‘Β° ΝœΚ– Ν‘Β°) )
    @TheBraveLion and @zorro8888 (since they have an official marriage certificate)

    Personally, I have some others I would want to meet for sure! :)


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