My 75th mytake is coming up very soon and I want to do a big one. What should I do it on?

Right now I have a couple ideas floating around in my head, but my train of thought is about to run out of steam. Maybe you all can give me an idea of something you would like to see. I have been flirting with the idea of comparing the 1968 Presidential Campaign to the 2016 Campaign because there are a lot of similarities to them in regards to the demonstrations, protests, and controversy currently going on. I have also considered doing a couple movie reviews. I have also considered writing a new poem. What do you think I should write about. Maybe you all have some ideas about things that are rarely ever discussed on here.

I just don't want to do anything with food for a while


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  • Totally compare them! This should be interesting


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  • This is random but maybe you can do some kinda conspiracy theory. If you're not into that stuff then my bad!

    • I really don't want to write about that kind of stuff because it's not true fact.

    • I have considered it once about cartoons from our childhood.

    • Oh. I was thinking more serious topics like assassinations or governmental issues.


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  • Analogies work, if you can make your comparisons solid enough. But be warned: you will come under fire. I do all the time. I wrote a whole take recently on why one site's anti-Bible remarks amounted to straw arguments, only to be told I was the one using straw arguments for citing what the original source itself plainly said!

    Projection is just one tactic they will use to silence you. Intimidation, mockery, personal attacks, accusing you of "conspiracy theory forming," etc., are all very common.

    Up to you: is the risk worth the reward? Let's hear it! If I catch wind of it, I'll let you know if I think it holds together well or not.

  • Write about how to write a mytake


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