Do your messages get deleted on their own after some time?

So... Thats basically what happens to me and I honestly dont like it at all. Does that happen to u guys as well it what? I mean, after nearly a few months they get deleted.

Thanks for everyone who answered!
I dont need any more answers on this, so thanks! :))


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  • Mine have gotten deleted because some don't save (to Gmail SMS folder) when I have to factory reset my phone.
    Sucks cause I wanted to go back and read the ones from five years ago but I don't know if those transferred at all from my old slide phone.

    • Yeah so my very oldest messages are from the beginning of April 2014 because that was when I got my first smartphone...

    • Oooh you meant here. Well yeah mine get deleted unfortunately.

    • Hahaha yes I meant here :D

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  • Yes, they do. After three months, messages will be deleted.


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