What is your favorite personal MHO?

I decided to look at my most helpful opinions on my profile just for shittles (I am easily entertained) and there were some that were just laugh worthy.

Literally, one of my MHO's is: "... What the shit?"

What's yours?


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  • The question: "How to find a catfish on GAG?" (As asked by WhatTheHellAmy)

    And my opinion:
    Ahh aye, I must telleth thee the grand and noble journey of the mighty GAGon (GAG dragon). For twas a dark time in the internet ere the noble creature cameth. Catfish runneth amok. No one kneweth who could really be who.

    But then, everything hath changed at which hour the mighty GAGon cameth.
    With wings of fury and tail of truth, it exposed each GAGer catfish, one by one.

    How could this majestic beast do such a thing with such splendor and grace?
    Well, truth beest told... no one know.
    Ancient text telleth us that he hath used a mysterious item hath called "Google Image Search. " Using its magic powers, the mighty GAGon telleth us who we art by simply plugging in the offender's image.

    "WITCH CRAFT! THIS IS PREPOSTEROUS... EVERYONE, PLEASE RATE ME 1 to 10 TOO! " yelled some GAGers at the sight of the powers that layeth before them. But just then, the mighty GAGon smite those folk all down, exposing their lies and showing the world of how their profile was but smoke and mirrors.

    I heareth the mighty GAGon is making its returneth to this day to fix the catfish run amok. Aye. Maybe even one day thee wilt see such a majestic beast fly through the sky.


    People were so confused after I wrote this opinion but, hey, I got MHO for it lmao

  • www.girlsaskguys.com/.../q1978021-have-you-ever-been-in-a-fight-before

    Sort of
    I was ten and my bully got this very realistic looking fake knife and threatened to stab me if i didn't stop being friends with a kid as my bully was a gaping asshole.
    I kicked him as hard as I possibly could in the balls then ran to tell my mom on him, who proceeded to call his mom, and he then was forced to walk over with his mom, apologize to me and get grounded for a month.
    I got to kick my bully in the balls and he got grounded and forced to apologize.
    It was a good day

  • Hmmm... maybe this one: www.girlsaskguys.com/.../q1952488-is-this-some-sick-april-fool-s-joke

    It was for this past April Fool's Day where people pretended to be the other gender :)

  • After your squirting mytake i think i might just start giving you mho by default on the spot lol

  • I've tried to talk a few people out of suicide or self-harm before. I think I got MHO once. I don't want to spend all day digging for it, though.

  • The question was "How privileged are you?"
    My answer:
    My only privilege is that if I'm clumsy at the airport the TSA will ignore me instead of tackling me to the ground and providing me with a free prostate exam.

  • "And statutory rape is just 14 letters."

  • Aww geez thats a tough one, I mean I've gotten so many its hard to choose.

  • One I got or gave?

  • all my featured MHOs are from some shitty games lol

  • This one was pretty good.

    Q : Why do some guys think we girls want to see their fugly dicks?

    MHO : My theory is they are at the same emotional stage as a three year old. You know how toddlers are when they have a favorite toy? They aren't developed enough to understand other people aren't exactly like them and completely share their enthusiasms. They really, really like their firetruck so they figure everyone must like their firetruck.

    It's the same with these guys and their dick.


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