Idea. Does anyone else think it would be a good idea for GAG to allow us to report people for being catfish?

and to conclusively test it, use this video:

actually, now that I think about it, I think catfishing may very wel be breaking some sort of law.


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  • You can report the really obvious ones for trolling on their profiles but GaG won't do anything about oh say... A 67 year old man with multiple accounts who likes to pretend to be women in their 20s.


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  • It is one of those ideas that sounds good but people won't use it - I have no objection to people with false accounts as long as they don't try to gain from it fraudently financially, friendship wise or relationship wise. The people here who get annoyed by catfishes usually find them out quickly enough with reverse image. Really it is just common sense that if some dynamic develops to swap pics for proof and if any doubts still feature ask for a specific pose or holding username.


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  • This has been hashed and rehashed. It's never gonna change.

    Trolls gonna troll and catfish gonna catfish 🙋

  • Well GAG isn't a dating site so I don't really see the point.


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  • If it actually works to reduce the amount of catfish then I don't see why not try implementing such a feature? As long as there is enough credible evidence to prove that the user is indeed a catfish before kicking them out permanently and banning them from GAG forever.

    • No such thing as banning them forever. Most IP addresses are dynamic, so anyone that gets kicked off can find their way back if they want to.

      It's a waste of time even trying to worry about it.

    • @CheerGirl38139

      Yea, unfortunately. They can always use a VPN and tunnel and get around it anyway. It's not like how if it was an app or something they need to download and constantly update and logon to, then that might be more possible to ban them. But what about keeping a record of their physical address or the MAC Address and filter them out that way? Course then they could also change that if they know what they were doing.

  • Yes, also a report for trolls, but sadly admin may not take the troll report seriously, even though there are laws in a lot of states making internet bullying illegal and punishable by law.

  • Nah, I stay out other people business. Waste of time of worrying what other people think or do

  • Yes .

    • Uh, where the heck has everyone been? Sand Planet was a catfish and caught by Commiedearest more than a year ago. Catfish can be reported. HELLOOOO xx