I'm reintroducing myself here?

Hi everyone, I simply wanted to say hello; it's been quite some time since I've been active on here. I initially singed up when this site was new in 2008, and at one time I was the points leader (7,000 points). I didn't see a category for introducing one's self, so, that's why I decided to put this here.

I see that the visual format of the site is quite different these days. But the site still looks good and the categories are improved and well thought out.

Anyway I won't take up too much time with this question (it's not really a question), as I simply wanted to say hello. But I look forward to asking questions and giving answers again like I used to do.

Have a good day!

That one guy who responded anonymously is a liar and apparently a troll.


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  • Welcome back to the site, and have fun! Things definitely have been changed lately.


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  • Welcome back - Wow you must have been one of the first people around to be points leader with 7,000 points - One girl who has since left (Ixi10) is the record holder with 240,000 points - GaG community is as good a place as any to introduce or reintroduce yourself


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  • Hello, we are glad to see you again, welcome back.

    Everthing is changing, so is GAG.

    Wishing you the best of luck.

  • wow you're quite an old user..
    welcome back.. :)

  • Hello and welcome back from not being on here for years. It's changed a lot.. it's always changing


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  • Wow, you're a member since 2008? I still used MySpace back then and I didn't even have a Facebook account yet! Lol!

    Anyway, welcome back!

    • Thanks for the welcome.
      Yep, there are lot of social media sites now. It's nice to have options.
      And I'm looking forward to seeing what all is here.

  • Yo dude. Is there something new here that you like above all else?
    And why were you inactive?

    • Hi! Well, I haven't looked at all the new things on here yet, but I like how there are now many more categories to choose from.

      I was inactive simply because I had forgotten about it for a while.