Why do are people on here seem so hostile?

I used to be a gag addict
I was on everyday
Almsot every hour

I messaged back within 1 minute
Blah blah blah
I didn't notice anything wrong because i guess i adapted to it but anyway

I took a 3 week break.
Just to go out and have fun and get the hell off the internet, i come back and people seem so hostile

You can't ask a question without someone arguing
The grown ass adults on here act like children
You message someone and they freak out thinking you want to be sexual

Nobody can take a compliment
Like what the hell?

You're a troll over everything..
Everybodies rude or sarcastic... Or half naked
Like what the hell is going on here

Think im lying?
Take a break from gag at least a week
Come back

And tell me these people dont look like a circus act i mean really?


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  • That's what I thought when I came into this site but I ignore the stupid questions. Keep in mind some people just like to mess with eachothers minds even though they won't admit it.


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  • It's a place to vent. It's easier to do so behind a screen.

  • nothing changed. u were just used to it when u were here everyday. sad, i know.

  • We're all damaged and misery loves company.

  • Because they're stupid.

  • Lol right, these people are so annoying.

  • Your right but with the increase of mental illness in youths, they seem to be attracted to this site like a moth to a lightbulb. They can make this site boring.

    • That's why I'm not even on here everyday I thought I'd check it before I went to bed

  • Yeah, almost everyone is either lying or being too sarcastic lol

  • welcome to the internet.
    i know what u mean. gag is not the same anymore.

    • It's changed
      I swear it was so much better in early 2015 when I first joined

    • yes, i sadly know what u mean. i have been here like 2 years and better and it is not better anymore.

    • circus act. more clowns and jesters.

  • It seems a lot of people come on here to vent, but when someone has an opinion some do become a bit agitated or aggressive. I am not sure why, but they need to verbally talk to other people in their lives to help them. Coming on the internet to bitch and moan isn't new, but it's best not to take things personally.

  • I agree.
    I've been on gag a few years and it's definitely changed.
    Part of it is the nature of the internet and people don't take the time to read the question/opinion, and just attack without actually considering what the person is saying.
    Another part is that this site has become so political. When I joined the site was honestly used for dating advice. Now, there are so many questions and takes that have to do with controversial events, and it seems like people are posting them specifically to make others angry. It's like they aren't looking for advice, they just want to state their opinion and not listen to anyone else. I don't think that's what the site should be for.

    • This is so true
      It doesn't seem like iy but once you take a break from the internet its so much better

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  • I have been here for about 6.5 years, since January of 2010.

    It seems like the more mainstream this site has become, the lower and lower quality of the overall community seems to get.

    There are very awesome users here, but there are a lot and I mean a LOT, of angry bigoted pessimistic people spreading their repugnant energy around.

    • Amen to this it was even better in 2015 when I joined I know it must've been great back then

  • That's why I don't take this site seriously at all

    • Dont blame you

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    • @justbanANNAz I'll let ya have this one 😝

      Haha! Tell me about it! The worst is when you look back on some of the shit you write and see how many mistakes there are. It makes you wonder how the hell anyone could understand what you were trying to say. I don't know. Do you? 😁

    • 😁😁😁

      Omg yes! Its okay we're helping them to improve their ability to correct errors.
      Hmmm... No i dontπŸ˜‚

  • I used to be a major GaG addict especially on my old account but I am now on it less and less - I guess I am trying to find a usage style that suits me enjoyment and time wise - One of the main things I found beneficial was not to engage in the negative stuff.

    • Its mostly negative stuff on here

  • It's hard to have a discussion without insults

    • Not just on gag neither

  • I don't really notice because I stay away from the controversial topics. I'm just here to pass time but I have a feeling that it won't be that much longer before I

    • I used to come on when I was bored now I'm bored here

  • Why are*