What are some things you wouldn't share on GAG without being anonymous?

Any answers?


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  • Anonymous doesn't make any difference to me. I just won't talk about a lot of things all together.


Most Helpful Girl

  • How many sex partners I actually have had. If you've had more than two this website calls you terrible names and you are a slut.
    Have I ever had sex for money? The answer is yes but the price was high.
    Multiple guys at the same time
    you tell the truth and they call you a troll or fake. You can't get honest here without some sort of being dumped on.
    My real feelings towards my mother – you are supposed to love your mother on this website
    my education – too often I've tried to be honest people called me a fake
    being attractive – I've given up on that
    my opinion on the naïveté and immaturity of both guys and girls on here. Plenty of times I want to answer just grow up but that doesn't work


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  • you posted that an? yours?

  • You're kidding? You are not safe and anonymous on gag. They are still hacking stalking me and for sure other newbs. I know how you work gag. With these fake accounts. So what was the main reason messing with me?


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