Hey G@G, got a question for you, what do you think about a voice chat for the G@G community? Or even a real life meet-up?

This actually just popped into my head, now I'm sure some of you know each-other or met on here and now talk in voice chat or over text on a daily basis. What do you feel about the people you generally see giving opinions or comments on G@G on a daily basis, actually talking to you in a voice chat? I'm sure some of you already picture what each-other sound like without actually knowing, just from the way one types or how they'd carry themselves, maybe even from the picture on their profile.

I think it would be quite interesting to talk to somebody I see on here frequently. To just talk to them in a voice chat and just have a general conversation with them or a really deep one, even. I haven't gotten a direct message nor have I sent them to anybody on this website so far, and I'm perfectly fine with not receiving them. Perfectly fine with not talking to anybody on voice either but I think it'd be interesting and I'd be willing to do it for sure.

I think I'd be more comfortable meeting up with a single person from G@G or a few people I actually know. I don't actually know anybody on here, or haven't had conversations with many of you. I think it'd be odd for the meet-up unless we met on here and actually became a LDR.

I think if it was well thought-out and organized/managed properly that it could work out pretty well.
The second question in the title I didn't put too much thought into, what are you thoughts on them though?


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  • I thought about that a few days ago.. it is a good idea but I feel like most people would be extremely awkward lol


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  • Voice chat? I don't think it would serve any purpose.

    • Well I can't have a serious conversation about somebodies day on here while sharing opinions, so you could actually get to know some of the people you see and learn more shit about them, but yeah it wouldn't serve any purpose for G@G specifically


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  • Lol I would drive people crazy voice is so annoying lol

    • Ahh I doubt it, I've never heard somebodies voice and just thought "Ah this chick/dudes voice is annoying" If I don't find your voice pleasant then it goes into the normal category for me.

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    • It'd depend on the mic to be honest. IF you sound like that though your voice really isn't annoying xD maybe to yourself though.

    • i dont no maybe it bugs me to her it repeated back to me

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  • My voice sounds terrible over a mic.

    • Mine does too man, and my keyboard is EXTREMELY loud, but I'd still love to do it.

  • Not many people wouldn't be interested maybe.. But it can be done