Around what year did GAG go from friendly community with a couple rude trolls to a war zone for the genders?

I need to know. Some where a long the line there was a shift and honestly it's stressful.


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  • I have only been here for two years , so I'm not as qualified as others are to answer this question. But I can honestly say that it is much easier to find that some answers do cause a higher lever of hate replies and cause a lot more butt hurt trash talk than when I first came here

    • I'm just biding my time until I can say " asta lavista "

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    • Right lol well. At least you're a man of principle ☺️

    • I try to be and it will take more than an act of congress to keep me from keeping my word to her

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  • About a year ago.

    I hate it here. Half the time I want to punch people. If it wasn't such a great time killer I would leave this toxic, hatred place.


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  • I've been here for a few years, it seemed to have happened at some point in the last 2 years or so.

    But even before there were a lot of trolls and ignorant people. I feel like every now and then we get a big influx of people. Which is great, but with every influx we get some more trolls :P

  • i joined 2012, there was inst. chat feature. that was fun.
    it was worse back then with the fights. lots have left. its a site where people can expresss freely so... there it is... free expression...

  • summer 2015 when GaG did a whole bunch of changes
    i've noticed since then that the proportion of 25-29 year olds is a lot less than before. i believe these older 20 somethings brought balance and with the changes that's gone now.

  • I dont know but I hate it