A follow request won't go away?

This guy followed me on here and I accepted his request, but it never went away from my notifications and is still there! Other people have followed me before and this has not been a problem. How can I get rid of the request?


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  • Just mark that you read all of your notifications


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  • There should be a button to mark all notifications as read. If that doesn't work, contact admin.


    • That worked.. thanks!

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    • @Paris13 Best have a word with Honey.

      I have a notification BEFORE I log in on my PC. That is always there. I think I'll have another word with Honey, too. It's something to do with notifications being sent directly to your browser. NOT for me. I do NOT want THAT!

    • Hi, @dogbert444, yes, do this. I have had this problem and my own roomie says it isn't "Us" it's GAG. lolxxoo

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