Can I reopen a question?

Have a question which only received one answer.
I would be happy if it had more answers. Is is possible to open it? What can I do?

Ps. If anyone has an opinion please message or post it here.


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  • I just had a look. I agree with the reply you had then. You were between a rock and a hard place. You did what was necessary.

    There are two things you can do. The first is the same as the original answer. Tell her not to be a prude and to be realistic. The second is to ignore her, as friends like her aren't really worth worrying about.


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  • No idea how to reopen. But I mean sure that wasn't something you should do because it's littering but you didn't really have much of an option. She will get over it if that's what's bothering her. That's a dumb thing to not talk to you for lol

    • I think you're right. I was frustrated because she is normally a good friend of mine. Oh well, we are teenagers and I understand that this is quite a... Dumb situation.

    • Ahaha we've all been there. All women have been teenage girls in dumb situations before, I definitely have haha

    • :) I just know that I'm annoying at some moment for some people, and I don't argue with that. I don't annoy people on purpose but I have little knowledge about life. but thanks that you told your opinion by the way! :)


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  • That would be pointless no one will see a question 3 days old with no answers best to re ask it when there's the most traffic on gag.


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  • Hi! You can't re-open a question, but what if you want more opinions you can request to feature it and, in that case, the question will be re-opened and featured for 24 hours.

  • Not to my knowledge but they tweet this site all the time.