Why is posting pictures of real people on this website a taboo?


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  • The terms of use specifically say you agree not to post pictures of people who aren't celebrities or yourself or your friends without their permission.

    It's also super risky to post your own picture on this site.


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  • If it's some randoms off google images then it's all good. If it's people in real life then it goes to say it's posting images without their consent, which is breaching privacy and confidentiality laws.

    • That is actually a myth. If you took the photo then you have the rights to its contents or its pixels. Privacy laws vary widely as do confidentiality laws depending on where you access GAG from.

    • If you took the photo, then you need to make that person sign "release papers" or else you can't do that dude. It's either that or ask for their consent.

    • "If it's some randoms off google images then it's all good"
      no, see copyright law

  • Of others: Because you did it without consent and it's a breach of privacy.
    Of yourself: Because some people are worried others will recognize them, worried about the shit tons of creepers, or just don't like the idea of putting their picture on the internet.

  • People are afraid others in their real lives will recognize them, which can be embarrassing. Also, some people are worried about their identities being online for others to take.

  • how real are we talking here?

    • Like if I post a photo of my freind and a girl and ask do you think that they make a good couple. People jump on you in the comments for posting a picture of them. Like that photo is not already being shared on the internet.

  • This website is made up of little children


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