[Fill in the blank] If _________, I'll never login to G@G again?

I'll go first :D

If _Spiderman memes were banned_ I'll never login to G@G again.
[Fill in the blank] If _________, I'll never login to G@G again?
Your move!


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  • If... *insert one of the following*

    -- GAG starts charging money
    -- Allows full out explicit pictures and "rate my nudes" posts (or made any big rule changes I didn't like)
    -- Bans me (which would be surprising since I haven't had a post removed yet lol)
    -- I somehow got the feeling mostly everyone was annoyed by me and wanted me to leave
    -- All of the posts / questions on here seemingly turned to complete crap-post not worth answering
    -- I didn't enjoy going on here anymore
    -- Something happens in real life that takes away my ability to go on here (i. e. blindness, death, the apocalypse, GAG servers shut down)

    ... I'll never login to GAG again.

    ... Oh-- and if they ban spider man memes lol


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