Gagers who your not friends with but who you really appreciate?

I don't know about you guys but I'm not friends with everyone here. Do you guys have anybody who your not friends with but you just really really enjoy?
I've posted love towards my friends here many times. Today I wanna highlight people who I really don't know, but whos stuff I love to read and enjoy.
@Mustachekitteh your a huge nerd and I love it because I relate and your so intellectual
@redeyemindtricks when it comes to relationship stuff your the queen
@Waffles731 your political truths are brilliant and they restore my faith
@Mario21 your weird but the randomness makes me laugh
@Luci92 I just discovered you and I like your answers and takes and you just seem like a pleasent person
That was in no particular order
sorry if I missed ya

8d You're


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