Is there anyone here younger than 15?

I feel like the youngest person in this community. And most of the teens I see on here are usually 16 or older.
(no i don't care that i'm so young compared to everyone here and you don't have to reassure me because i'm fine :)

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  • I highly respect people of all ages, i try to set a good example for the younger people cause if i had a teen daughter on here, i would expect people to treat her the same way with respect. If anytime anyone makes you uncomfortable you every right take majors against them and to make things right.


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  • I hope not. This place could be like poison to the growth process and mental development of a young person.

    I wouldn't want my kid sibling or child coming to a place and surrounding themselves with the type of people that frequent here.


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  • There has always been a few floating around joygirl is 14

  • I've seen a couple on here who are 15 or younger

  • @CorvetteGirl is 15
    So is FinnishBeautyGirl
    @Nuala is 14
    And there's lots of 13-14 year old users, though I'm not that familiar with their usernames

    • 2mo

      it must be because i haven't been online that much.

    • 2mo

      Maybe. You'll meet more people here eventually

    • 2mo

      So don't worry 😊

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