Can MODS that have you block hide your opinions/questions?

So like the title says: Can MODS that have you block hide your opinions/questions?

Can people that have you block report your opinions/questions? (if they're mods or not)

I don't know how mods know when something is being reported, but I'm guessing they get notified someway, and then decide whether to hide it or not, so once they take care of it, there will be no notification to other mods (if I'm wrong, please correct me).

If you report a mod's opinion/question, can they decide whether to hide their own opinion/question, or is that something they can't do?

Do the mods know who reported what?

I'm curious about this, since I kinda dislike how most of the mods manage this site, hiding shit that should never been hidden, which is kind of annoying.


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  • We can't hide our own posts. I know that much. They may be able to hide blocked users' posts if they haven't checked off that box under their settings that says to hide blocked users' opinions and questions.


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  • Depends on your mod level - A mod can hide opinion, Super and Ubers can hide questions - All they see is the opinion/question on the feed - Admin makes final decision


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  • Yup. You can still view their postings even if they have you blocked.

  • Only opinions and questions we can't hide are the ones that are posted by an admin.

    • So if I report your opinion (for example) can YOU decide whether to hide it or not?

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    • We can hide other mods posts though. Also we can't hide promoted mytakes either.

    • Oh ok. Cool. Thanks for clarifying ;)

  • @MaLifeBeLikeOooAaah that's why you don't mess with the boss