Should G@G allow you to erase old questions?

Because there are some questions I want to erase from months/a year ago...

  • Yes, I want to erase some old questions too
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  • No, you shouldn't have posted them
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  • It depends...
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  • Sure, I can see how some users would appreciate that. However, those old questions may be helpful to others browsing online, looking for answers to similar questions, even if it's months old.

    • True but I was very insecure about my appearance and was looking for some fashion advice and now I want to erase those questions from last year.

    • Thanks for MHO!

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  • You should be able to delete any question you posted at any time.


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  • No they should not. When you say something in real life you can't just delete it. You have to live up to your words and their consequences. GaG should be the same.

    • Nah, if you want to delete a question you should be able to, beside when you say something in real life it ain't written in print for everyone to see at anytime.

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    • I guess you should have thought before you posted.

    • It's not that big of a deal I just feel it would be convenient... I usually embrace awkward moments so if a friend somehow found a post of mine on here asking what type of haircut should I get I would be like "yeah I couldn't decide so I asked people online... is that problem?" But I doubt that would ever happen, and the personal stories I posted have no names mentioned so that's a non issue.

  • Yes, I think so, but only if the question has some typos or grammar errors.

  • You probably post anon all the time so why all the fuss?

    • Not all the time, mainly did so for this question so people would dig through my old posts/questions.

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