Shouldn't the colors for Guys and Girls in the site emblem be swapped?

If men are from Mars that makes them RED.

And continuing on these lines, if women are from Venus they should be depicted accordingly BLUE.

So, is the site emblem got it wrong upside down or what?


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  • Once read that it was boy babies that used to be garbed in pink: being related to blood red, it was the seen as the fitting colour for your nascent button-nosed little bloodthirsty warrior!

    • As a kid how me fam tells it is I was mad with getting everything red, from toys to telefon to dress allover.

      Oh, and I were quite some clooby bullhead little laddie then asking all me senior playmates to call me on big brattys.

      You put it poetically elegant (envy comin yer way TBJ!) with the nascent wolverineness.

      To this date can' resist red glossy cars!

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  • These color codes came from hospitals. girls had pink, boys had blue. After some time all of society adopted it, it has nothing to do with gender roles.


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  • Pink and Blue.
    Not Gray and Hey... Great One, hun!!
    Good luck. xx

    • Thanks for the Like, I have the T-shirt and not fond of it. lolxx

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    • 😘 P for Paris

    • lol!! Saw Blue and Pink here but my T gas Gray and pink, I think.
      Yes, Indeed and I also have a cup that is "M" for Master, @doodoo xx

  • LOL! That makes sense! Girls are associated with pink and guys are associated with blue as well, though. That's more or less for kids though.

  • I'd be fine with my color was changed to blue.

    • I were of the impression that the native choice even with little gals was bloo. So how did this get monikered to Pink.

  • Ya but Venus ain't blue


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