❄️☃️Who was/were your first friend on G@G ☃️❄️?

I had many so,
Mine were...

Accurately, my first friend was @dangerDoge


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  • Thank you so much for Taking Me down Memory Lane, @iceEveresere, and Yes... Seems so long ago but even Though... It is so Refreshing to Have such a great Guy on Here, who still has a Good Memory and Knows what a Friend is to the End.
    Hugs and Lots of them, and I will Never Forget you, my Friend to the End. xxoo


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  • Tough to say for certain, but I do remember @YourFutureEx being super awesome and kind when I first started out. He had a myTake that went over navigating through GAG that helped me out as an xper 3 or whatever I was lol. I want to say @BellePepper was nice as well. It's tough to think back to a year+ ago though 😱

    • Dawww! Thanks for remembering!

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    • I see...
      Best of luck

    • Thanks! You too

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