Have you ever had someone block you then make a post on gag about you?

Ok so recently I was going to answer this girl's question, and I find out that she blocked me. No big deal, but literally lol'd when I found out that the question I was trying to answer just now about me. I did not realize until after I tried to post. I have only interacted with this user once yet she is telling people that im harassing her

By the way, I was not anon when I interacted with this person


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  • Iv had some intolerant far right christian as***le block me purely so he could have the last word in an argument even worse he was made a mode I dont remember his name though.

  • It will probably get taken down as a member post soon

    • It won't because she did not mention my username

  • yea it happens. fuck em

    • Yea but you commented before you blocked me because you were butthurt. Lol. And then you insulted me before you blocked me so that I could not get the last word in. Its cool though because that means I won

    • yeah i blocked you because you weren't trying to have a conversation. You were just releasing w/e excess PMS you had built up on me. I was informed by other mods that you're a notorious troll on here, so i wasn't really surprised. But yeah, good luck with your "winning" lol. P. S., you can respond, but i won't be back to read or reply.

    • Im not a troll, but I definitely will report your account, you are very childish

  • Jerks and jerkette's everywhere... you know

  • who cares? lol.


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  • I can't say I've had that happen thankfully. That seems silly, but welcome to the Internet.

  • Yes, and not used to being up there, unless awarded this mho user of the week or whatever.
    i Only was up there for like 10 mins, shocked, gag must have removed it. Everyone with who I saw, said good things. But it could have goten really bad.
    Incredible how some gaggers are now blowing smoke, sweeping dirt and talking trash. How sad.

    • Stay pink when u need to. Better off.

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    • She did not mention my username, so she will not get removed

    • haha funny you should mention that. I have blocked people who Did use my username and I finally had to complain.. Someone on gag must have been sleeping as always.