What does everybody think of me?

Inspired by @everyfuckingpersonongagever

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  • directions unclear, got dick stuck in 1964 Soviet Russia
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  • It is beginning to feel like that alright.


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  • Where's the positive vote lmaooo


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  • To be completely honest, I haven't seen you around yet. 😅

    • Actually I remember you I think. Weren't you the guy with the cover band or something? Where you... do like, rock covers of... other songs... whoa I can't remember. But it was something like that.

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    • But then I guess it stopped sucking, as of 30min ago? Lol

    • Ohhh! Yeah then I have seen you around! Yeah I didn't get to know you too well, but it was still a pretty positive opinion overall based on what I saw.

      My roommate flaking was definitely kind of annoying, since I had to go to him and ask him why he kept avoiding me on the subject... But I guess it is what it is. I can't force him to play something he doesn't want to. 😑

      The new people have a great vocalist and they seem pretty passionate. Guitarist needs a little work, but I feel like he'll get better in time since he is determined to.

      So hmm... Yep... Definitely sucks less haha

  • My dick exploded.

  • HAR HAR HAR Hilarious!!!


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