How do you get to level two and how to get xper points?


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  • By posting opinions on questions or myTakes, by asking your own questions or writing your own myTakes;
    by voting in polls;
    by having your opinion liked by the OP;
    by having your question or take get featured.

    Exper is calculated once every 24 hours so you won't see it progress immediately.


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  • 150

    They're laid out here:

    You earn them by answering questions. You get bonus points for being the most helpful person. You also get them by asking questions and selecting the most helpful person who answers.

    • *150 point are what you need for level 2.

  • Its seems like you got your answer so, hey everyone, check out this dank gif!

  • Just keep answering a lot of questions, you'll get there pretty quickly to 150


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  • Finding Categories on Here, dear, in which You can be the "Most Helpful" to others, will surely Get you More "Xper Points," and One Baby Step up More in Store on Gag, and even Boost your own Ratings,, where your Name will Spread like Wild Fire where everyone will Find You... Most Helpful.
    I have been on this Site for nearly 3 years Jan1st, and with Making GURU in a Year's time, and Master back in September of this year, I found many Categories where I Could be the Most Useful.
    And with Getting "Most Helpful," it Created a Whole new World for me, for now I am Master, where Motivation and Mind set to Work very Hard came into Mind for Me, and I just Keep on Going and Flowing.
    Welcome to Gag Town and Happy Thanksgiving, dear. xx