GAG has helped me to realize that my relationship is not healthy and it is not one that makes me happy, THANK YOU! Has GAG helped you too?

My boyfriend and I broke up today after 3 years and I kept trying to find out where I went wrong and what I could have done differently. Within those 3 years on this website I found 25 posts all with negative connotations about the relationship. Whether i was unsure of him, unhappy with him, unhappy with something he did or didn't do, debating whether to leave him, feeling unattracted to him, etc. I couldn't believe it as I scrolled down through all of my questions that I had been so blind to what was right in front of my face. Thank you GAG for helping keep my head sane tonight! It was for the better, as our history shows.

I just wanted to post that I was very grateful for this website!

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  • GAG is the greatest!
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  • GAG is the best. I'm glad you were able to get the help you needed.
    I hope your life is much better and that your healing inside it will take
    sometime but never give up cause better days are ahead for you and
    May God Bless You in all that you do !!!

  • I don't ask any serious questions for help and reading other people's questions doesn't help me either. But I've become more comfortable with posting pics, so I guess that's a thing I can say thanks for... but it's because of the people here and not GAG

  • Ok stranger. Now send some nudes lol

    • 11d

      I hope she sends you some nudes...
      of her naked ex-boyfriend.

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