Why are there all these influencers now?

Stop trying to influence me!


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  • Topic Influencers are members who have a high MHO%, ask engaging questions, and have high overall interaction in certain topics on the site.


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  • I just woke up and saw it. I got an influencer badge in the topic "health and fitness" I believe. Now, I find that interesting, because I thought that was one of the topics I least active in. (Maybe it was the "Bikes: The Modern Day Penis/Clitoris Crusher" myTake I did awhile back that was the cause, I don't know haha 😁). I think it has something to do with MHO% and the user's activity level.

    Oh well, I don't mind it. It doesn't really change anything for me. I'll keep answering questions just the same like I always do. I don't claim to be any wiser than I was yesterday, and I don't expect people take my words with any more rigor either.

    It looks like it does give me a fancy page to write stuff on though haha

    • I think contributor is more fitting than influencer, but I will have to check out that take lol.

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