How do I get GirlsAskGuys-System to stop messaging me?

I sign on and get excited that I get a message, but it's just spam from GirlsAskGuys-System telling me to answer questions.


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  • This was actually updated today. If you no longer want to recieve those private messages, go to your settings page and turn off the notification at the bottom that says "You want to receive content and news from GirlsAskGuys." These private messages were not previously linked to this notification but now they are so if you have this notification turned off, you should not receive them anymore. :)


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  • Ya I asked the same thing. There's no way to stop it. Best to just turn off notifications for messages I guess.

    • How can I do that? I don't want to receive stupid system messages..

    • @imagine222 well I haven't actually tried it, but you go to settings, scroll down to conversations, and uncheck the box about notifying when you get a private message.