Can someone tell me what is an influencer? I'm not so often here that I know?

Do they have control of our questions or answers, like moderators?


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  • LOL No, not at you. It's just that the new Topic Influencer thing is funny to me. It makes me wonder: What will it be like if a Topic Influencer goes Anon? Will they still be pink or blue or purple? LOL


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  • They are simply members who are very active in specific topics on the site. The questions and myTakes that they post in their designated topics are automatically promoted and featured. Their opinions also show by default at the top of their gender section when they answer questions in their topic. This information is available in our FAQ as well. :)

    • So how many influencers do we have right now and who are they? :-)

    • @Pig_Sty There's no list of who all of them are. But you can see them around the site when they post, marked by the Influencer badge. :)

    • Then it is your job to make a list so that I can stalk them a bit :-)


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  • ı dont know ı saw it today