Anyone else sick and tired of GirlsAskGuys system automated machine sending us notifications on our inbox of what mytakes we should read?

I am so damn sick and tired of it I dont want your notifications and if I was interested in a mytake I'd read it and respond to it myself I don't need an orange notification telling me to do it.

  • Yes I am sick of it its annoying
  • No I actually like it
  • I don't really mind
  • Who cares about this question I am about to go eat dinner or lunch I am hungry I don't care about your question you stupid piece of shit!
  • I litterly have to take a crap right now i can't answer any questions right now
  • I am a college student and trying to finish my assignment you piece of crap do you really think I care about your stupid problems or questions seriously I just wanna harm you so bad right now for asking such a insignificant question
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  • More "Concerned" of all of the Notifications that have Built up while I was Away and Now... Have even a a Busier Day. xx

    • Seriously I've been doing lots of homework and haven't been here for a week then came back to see all those notifications from GAG and I got all excited thinking they were gonna be love notes from strange girls on here lol.

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    • lol No, "Influencers." Just a handful of us for some reason. xxoo

    • Thank you for the Vote of Confidence, @blondfrog, and I guess too, has somewhat to do with some of the MHOs in being an Influencer and which category One does well in. I answered your question more thoroughly. xx

Most Helpful Guy

  • Heads should roll for this. Whichever bright spark came up with this in the board room, and then your colleagues agreed with this? Sigh.


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