If gag does not have favoritism then how come this anonymous opinion was not removed on gag? Are we going to pretend that this is just a coincidence?

This is why I do not take gag seriously. I have no money and I will bet you $500 that this anon user's opinion was not removed because the anon user is a mod. Omg the anon user even said she was a mod yet she made a opinion mentioning members. I reported it it was never removed here is the post: "I don't think they made anyone 'Guru'.

I don't understand how they determined who was an influencer, though. I felt that some people deserved to have the 'influencer' title more than others. I noticed a lot of people with the title tend to be combative on some questions and Takes minus people like @Waffles731 and @Rainbowfangirl. I think people who behave like those two and are active like them deserve the title. Yet, it seemed more like a popularity contest more than who actually have a good, positive impact and insightful responses on G@G.

I don't care that I didn't get one. And hopefully I don't lose my mod status for saying this, but I feel like it needs to be said openly.

It was pretty blatantly obvious that it was more based on who the admins like rather than who actually meets the description of a 'Influencer', not to mention it was rude af to just do it one day without notifying anyone or asking if it was a good idea. It's a bit of a slap in the face to anyone who has been on this site for a while and obtained Guru and Master. There are people who joined later than I did on this account with the tag and that's just... weird"

Lets see how long my question stays up

Here is the link to the question:http://www.girlsaskguys.com/girlsaskguys/q2203713-what-is-with-gag-instantly-promoting-some-people-to-guru-or


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  • Just become more work than you are worth... The mods work for free. The community people work for chump change... If they spend all their time reading your crap and having to delete it all the time, at the end of they day they have to go home and hit the bottle as they move closer and closer to having a stroke. In the long run you win... Either they realize their actions are futile or they die young. Victory is all in the planning...


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  • The post wasn't removed because it doesn't break any rules. Simply mentioning another user does not automatically mean it breaks the rules. "Member post" only refers to posts that *negatively* mention other users. The anonymous member there did not say anything negative about the two users she mentioned, she actually said positive things about them. The rest of her opinion was simply stating her personal feelings about the 'Influencer' tag. The post does not violate any guidelines.

    • I remember asking a question about what happened to @peacelovecouture and it got removed. It was not negative. I even had a user ask a question wondering why my post got removed

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    • *my old

    • Okay well without seeing it, I can't comment on that. But for quite a while now, this is how the rules have been.


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  • Ugh... no one cares. It didn't get removed because it didn't break any rules.. not because of favoritism.

    • You care because you replied

  • A wise man once said: Who cares?

    I still live up to his word today.

    • Yet you do care

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    • Still replying I see, did I make you angry little girl?

    • I'm laughing my ass off. I find you entertaining.

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