Is anyone else getting sound adverts on GAG pages?

I get these adverts or songs that play on GAG pages that i cannot block? I have adblock installed so I'm not sure if that is causing it... anyone else?


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  • Yep, I have had that, though I haven't had the issue in a while.


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  • it's a video that is being blocked via your adblocker.
    the video doesn't show on the page (unless you disable your adblocker), but the sound will still play.

    post 20 opinions, or mute the tab that has gag open, and the sound won't bother you.

    dunno why the admins are stoned enough to have this shit on here to begin with, but that's gag.

    • I thought it was that. For what ever reason I can't mute the tabs. I know what you are talking about as well with that... i have google chrome and you can mute tabs right next to the cross.

    • do you have the latest version of chrome?
      i'm using version 55.0.2883.87 m and it's working fine on my end...

      maybe google can help you with it?

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  • We've just made a few adjustments so this should be fixed now. :)


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