Do you need to refresh the feed on Desktop/Mobile for new notifications to show on GAG bell icon?

  • Yes, on Both
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  • Yes, only on Desktop
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  • Yes, only on Mobile
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  • I don't need to on either Desktop or Mobile
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  • I only use the mobile version, and have to refresh. I get a banner notification from the app but have to refresh the browser for it to appear

    • I use both and I have a similar problem on desktop. I get the notification, it just won't appear till I refresh. It tells me how old the notification is, but if I never refresh I won't see it.

  • If you are spending a long time on a page and simply hover over the bell icon, it will show any new notifications highlighted. This only works once though. Other than that, yes, you will need to refresh to actually see the orange icon and number of new notifications.


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