Why do some users on here act like they have a perfect love life and act holier than thou?

I see this a lot. Users acting condescending towards others who have issues in dating. If their love life is so good I am curious as to why they are still on here


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  • People here usually give it as it is when it comes to relationship questions and it can come off as know-it-all. It seems condescending when it comes to dating because the advice is obvious to those who aren't emotionally involved in the relationship vs to those who are (the asker).

  • Because it's not a site just for singles? People in relationships have questions too

    • You obviously did not read the details

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    • "If their love life is so good I am curious as to why they are still on here"

      Funnily enough at my age my reading skills are pretty ok. Stating if they were so happy they wouldn't be on here anyway, my apologies it's only for singles and those unhappily taken 🙄

    • Good point. My bad 🤗

  • Because they are better thanus. They have sonething we dont.

  • Not me. I've had a hard go of it and I don't want to see other people make the same mistakes.